Established in 1976, Winner Inc (WinJoy) is one of the world’s leading providers of cutting-edge Home Theatre, Speaker Tower, Speaker Trolley, Speaker Magnets, and other sound devices. As unparalleled innovators and creators, the company is helping the world listen better and accomplish cost viability through their thoughtfully designed, customer-centric sound systems.

They are widely known for their magnets graded (Y25, Y30, Y35) and speakers (36mm to 280mm), which help deliver an unparalleled listening experience. WinJoy’s speaker trolleys are compatible with mics, USB, FM, Bluetooth cards, and support rechargeable batteries. Their ability to deliver customized solutions at large scales by leveraging advanced technology gives them a competitive edge in the market. Given how hands-on and prudently-engineered their product offerings are, WinJoy has established itself as a reliable name in the manufacturing and export industries and is the numero uno brand of choice among customers of audio products